About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Acta Universitatis Lodziensis Folia Oeconomica (FoE) – a peer-reviewed, online, open access, scholarly quarterly, came into being in 1980 – publishes original theoretical and empirical articles and also policy-relevant and review articles covering all the economic sciences disciplines or related to them. FoE accepts manuscripts articles in English or Polish (if the issues raised are of interest to the Polish audience).

The journal especially welcomes articles in:

  • Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Spatial Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • International Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Labor and Demographic Economics
  • Ethical Aspects of Economic Life
  • Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
  • Business Administration, Business Economics and Marketing
  • Business Ethics

Journals scoring by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 40 (January 2024)

Scientific Disciplines

ASJC - All Science Journal Classification (Scopus):

  • Economics, Econometrics and Finance
  • Business, Management and Accounting
  • Social Sciences: Demography, Urban Studies

FOS - OECD Frascati classification of science and technology:

  • Economics and business
  • Social and economic geography
  • Sociology: Demography

Open access

The basic license for publishing articles in the journal is CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution – Non-Commercial Use – No Derivatives). At the author's request it is possible to publish it under the CC-BY (Attribution) license.

Other information

The journal content is fully available online at this website (issues form 2014 until today) and  at the University of Lodz Repository (from 1980 until today). Currently, the journal is indexed in many databases, resulting in constant increasing visibility and citation of articles published in FoE.

FoE is a member of  PKP Preservation Network,ensuring the security of access to the journal's content.

The journal is financed by: