Ensuring blind review

Principles of double-blind review

In the process of reviewing editors, authors and reviewers respect the the double-blind principle which means that the reviewer and the author remain anonymous to each other. Editors directs the qualified texts to reviewers from outside of the institution of the author's affiliation.  To ensure the  blind review authors are obliged  to prepare their manuscript according to the following rules:

  • all elements that may identify the author (i.e. name, surname, affiliation) should be removed from the manuscript,
  • any references in the text directly pointing to the author's research are not allowed,
  • the text should not include the digital author information contained in the file properties.

Reviewers send the content of the review to the editor who makes it available to the author in an anonymous form.

Reviewers are obliged to inform the editor if, despite observing the above rules, the authors is not anonymous to them or they suspect a conflict of interest.