Capitalization of reserves and creating market value


  • Artur Sajnóg Department of Business Analysis and Strategy, Institute of Applied Economics and Informatics, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Łódź, Rewolucji 1905 r. no 41, 90-214 Łódź


share capital, share capital increase, capitalization of reserves, market value


The capitalization of reserves constitutes an important aspect in the enterprise management, particularly as an element of the forming the structure of equity which can increase the market value of the enterprise. Against this background the realistic estimate of the increasing the share capital of the enterprisesʼs using own funds and its impast on the development of the enterpriseʼs market value come into a relevant prominence. The fundamental purpose of this article is to assess the correlation between the volumes formed in terms of the Polish capital market. The review of the hypothesis on existence of the growth potential of the market value and its positives changes as a result of the capitalization of reserves, has been conducted on the basis of the analyzing companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The empirical surveys have been preceded by the theoretical deliberations upon the essence of the economic effects of the share capital increase under capitalization of reserves.


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